I recently moved from southwestern Colorado to Lake Oswego, Oregon with my family..I was born in Denia, Spain in 1974 to eclectic hippie parents. My parents spent many years traveling and living in the
East and in Europe before moving to Santa Cruz, California, where I grew up. I have been raised in an environment rich in cultural artifacts and spiritual treasures. I hope to capture in my creations the depth of expression of my individuality mixed with a taste and methods of the ancient, which I so love...
My family comes from a long line of artistsand art collectors. My father in his younger years was an innovative architect and a merchant with a weakness for antiques. My uncle, Ben Vautier, is a well known dada artist living in Nice, France.  My great grandfather was the Swiss Ambassador to Japan collecting extensive works of Asian art. My Grandmother on my mothers side owned and operated her own jewelry business in the 1950's in Chicago, Ill.

I am primarily self taught but have taken some metal smithing classes through the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. I have been making and selling my work for 13 years.