Laura Hamje
2022 Imogen Gallery, Tiger Mountain / Astoria, OR
2020 Imogen Gallery, In the Clouds / Astoria, OR
2018 Bryan Ohno Gallery, 53 Views of the Alaskan Way Viaduct / Seattle, WA
2017 Bryan Ohno Gallery, Mirage / Seattle, WA
2016 Bryan Ohno Gallery, Climbing with Helen / Seattle, WA
2016 Vermillion Gallery, Wanderlust / Seattle, WA
2015 Imogen Gallery, Edge of the World / Astoria, OR
2011 Burk Gallery, Winter Storms / Seattle, WA
2020 Linda Hodges Gallery, Concrete Ghost / Seattle, WA
2015 Koplin Del Rio, Milieu / Los Angeles, CA
2014 Prographica, Laura Hamje & Anne Petty / Seattle, WA
2012 Vermillion Gallery, Conversations in Paint: Gagnon, Hamje & Danielson / Seattle, WA
2018 CoCA, Painters Who Fucking Know How To Paint / Seattle, WA
2018 Kirkland Art Center, Topophilia / Kirkland, WA
2016 Bryan Ohno Gallery, Shizen / Seattle, WA
2015 Linda Hodges Gallery, On the Road / Seattle, WA
2015 Vital 5 Productions, Out of Sight / Seattle, WA
2014 Linda Hodges Gallery, Making and Breaking / Seattle, WA
2014 Koplin Del Rio, I-5 Connects II / Los Angeles, CA
2014 El Camino Art Gallery, Architecture Digested / Torrance, CA
2013 Prographica, Landscape Described / Seattle, WA
2013 Koplin Del Rio, I-5 Connects / Los Angeles, CA
2011 Prographica, Architectural View / Seattle, WA
Perkins Coie LLP, Weyerhaeuser and F5 Networks
Laura Hamje and others, Concrete Ghost: Seattle’s Vanished Viaduct and Emerging Waterfront in the
Paintings of Laura Hamje, Chatwin Books, 2020
David Gutman, Beautiful views and ugly gridlock: Seattle artist captures the viaduct in all its grit
and glory, Seattle Times, December 6, 2018
Jen Graves, Laura Hamje’s Paintings Will Move You Across A Room, April, 25, 2014
Nancy Worssam, Oils that are different, yet complementary, at Prographica, April 4, 2014
Gayle Clemans, Artists build a skillful ‘Architectural View’ at Prographica, November 11, 2011
2022 Bowery Gallery, Annual Juried Show, Judged by Lance Esplund / NYC
2018 Prince Street Gallery, Annual Juried Show / NYC
2017 Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Interstate / Ellensburg, WA
2011 Second Place, Au Naturel, Judged by Jane Beebe / Astoria, OR
2016-2019 Bryan Ohno Gallery / Seattle, WA
2015-Present Imogen Gallery / Astoria, OR
2011-2015 Prographica / Seattle, WA
2018-2020 Washington Lawyers for the Arts, Board Member & Treasurer / Seattle, WA
2012-2014 Blindfold Gallery, Co-Owner and Curator / Seattle, WA
2008 University of Washington B.F.A / Seattle, WA