This current show at Imogen consists primarily of recent oil paintings. A number of the paintings began in 2019, others began early in 2020.The paintings emerged slowly and were worked on for months. This allowed them, in a sense, to paint themselves. A lot of layers and steps were involved and a passage of time hopefully is reflected in the images.
A common thread in all the paintings is my attempt to record memories of certain places or emotions that have meaning for me. Included are positive childhood recollections of the Oregon coast. Other themes range from urban to rural, and from organic to the human construct.

Or… to quote Edward Munch, “I paint not what I see, but what I saw.”

My way of responding to the current scary and chaotic social situation is to attempt to elevate the viewer towards an elevated consciousness. I believe without art, music, love, and immersion in the natural world, life is not worth living.

Tom Cramer
August 2020