My Harmless Little Monsters

Step 1:         Sit down with a cup of coffee and turn on whatever music fits your mood

Step 2:        Empty brain

Step 3:        Lay the first piece of watercolor paper you find on the drawing table

Step 4:        Pick up the first drawing implement you find in your non-dominant hand

Step 5:        Find a spot on the paper that needs filling

Step 6:        Place drawing instrument on that spot

Step 7:        Re-empty brain

Step 8:        Draw something and see where it leads

Step 9:        Place paper on a vertical surface and look at it from a distance of 2 ft. or more

Step 10:        Repeat steps 4-9 until piece speaks to you

Step 11:        Take a photograph of the finished work and send it to your gallerist.

Easy right? ...NOT
In reality, interruptions are constant, your mind wanders off track, your dog wants out, someone comes to your front door, the damn phone beeps. You spend most of your time bringing yourself back to the work. This, I've decided, is why most artists work at night. I've tried unsuccessfully for years...can't do it. I NEED daylight.

This body of work represents a huge milestone in my creative life. I finally feel settled enough emotionally and physically to just 'let 'er rip'. As much as others think making art is simple and easily done, I'm here to say: Not so much. The Creative Process is one of the most complex and compelling endeavors we can undertake. I liken it to both self administered brain surgery and psychoanalysis. And yet, we can't NOT do it.

So here it is, "warts and all" as they say. Hope you can empty your brain and enjoy my journey.