My heart was stolen by the Oregon Coast when I was nine years old. I grew up in an area that was as dry as a desert in summer and blanketed white in the winter but, the Oregon Coast was my dream. The dreary rainy days, strong winds and cascading waves in the ocean fuel inspiration for my work. In particular, Astoria's ever changing landscapes of ships floating through was so beautiful and different from anything I had ever seen.

The ships, ocean waves and cloudy days are themes seen often in my paintings. The gray tones of the ocean and sky serve as the backdrop of more lively subject matter. The bases of my pieces start with watercolor and finish with details in colored pencil. The watercolor and colored pencil overlaid on top of each other create a fluid softness to my work.

My pieces have an illustrated quality to them. They tell stories of girls with stolen hearts, an ocean as wild as hair in the wind and Astoria and her beautiful waters.

Kayla Johnson