I’m looking to achieve a rhythm, balance and a pleasing combination of colors and textures in my art which give me joy. It’s an intuitive process fed by curiosity and constant observation.

When working, I often listen to music and hope to fall into a meditative state that inspires creativity. A part of my process involves chance and randomness. Examples of this includes splattering paint and cutting paper pieces which I let fall randomly on the canvas.

At the outset of the pandemic everything slowed down. I spent more time walking and looking. I noticed the cracks and patterns in the pavement; lots of dots. I took in the plants, kids playing in the schoolyard, various critters: squirrels, cats and the very vocal crows and waves of flora through the seasons. Right now the Dogwoods, Cherry trees, Tulips and Iris’s have my attention and I am eager for the summer burst of color which provide an amplitude of inspiration for painting.

This body of work includes repeated elements such as dots, stripes, rectangles and squares. I often begin with a grid as a foundational structure. Some of the paintings include celestial representation which reflects a reverence for the immensity and mystery of the cosmos.

The mixed media paintings are made using acrylics, acrylic mediums, found and cut paper, recycled coffee filters and pastel

Jill Mayberg