As a lifelong creator, I have often felt as though I am a vessel combining different art materials to navigate my interpretation of the human experience. Making art has always been essential for as long as I continue to have something to say and feel compelled to create. My work attempts to abstractly synthesize my observations in nature and science and distill it into some form of beauty as a reflection of our rapidly evolving contemporary world. 

Current Concerns
Motivation for my work often stems from or coincides with contemporary scientific discoveries in astronomy, physics, meteorology and climate science. My most recent work is inspired by the human impact that is causing global warming and the ice shelves to recede. 

Art has the power to transcend and express a deep and profound understanding of society, nature, technology, culture, science, the climate and geo-politics. My hope with my work is to elevate our awareness of the growing and critical crisis of climate change that our world faces.
Studio Practice
My studio practice is fluid and multidisciplinary and explores the contradictions between chaos, the indifference of nature and the human impulse to comprehend through exploration. Encaustic is the ancient medium that combines natural beeswax, resin and pigment. With it, I have discovered ways to paint and print from its textures to create geologic surfaces that match the subject matter of my work. The flexibility, instant drying time, and fragility yet durability of the encaustic medium, allows me to easily work as both an oil painter and a printmaker. Using four mediums, the work weaves a continuous symbiotic thread facilitating a conversation between all disciplines.