Time Spent
There is nothing spectacular about my recent preoccupation with time. These paintings are not a reflection of some revolutionary idea but rather the acceptance of something much more banal.

As people facing the middle of life, I and my peers have begun to become acutely aware that time is both our friend and our enemy. We glean the benefits of maturity and a welcomed dis-attachment from old concerns only to be struck by the deterioration of the people who have guided us to this point.

This is the time when loved ones begin to face mortality. One parent marks the passage of time in a cycle of chemotherapy treatments. Seven days of treatment alternating with 23 days of downtime. Another parent has a stroke and days are strung together by an endless stream of rehabilitation appointments.

Each painting in this series acts as concrete marker of this passing time. Each one represents a memory which, sprawling out behind me, indicates where my time has gone and how it has been spent. If time is linear then each place that has moved me along the way and subsequently each painting represents a milepost for my personal journey.

I have borrowed “Time Spent” as the title for this show from the album of the same name by the late Jimmy Boyer. Jimmy’s representation of the vignettes he had been collecting on his journey came to me in such a timely manner. Time surfaces as a theme in his lyrics and recalls innocence. With his early passing at age 47 an album at first only rooted in artistic perfection becomes something more. Timely becomes untimely. Time spent is the ultimate and there is a relief in embracing that this may be all that matters.

Diane Kingzett
September 2018