My art is driven by nature and history. Since there is beauty in nature I try to use it as a foundation of my work.  From a historical perspective, I like to think about ancient objects in museums and in books.  Some animals are symbols to the human mind.  I try to use creatures in various ways to convey the times we live in by these creating cultural objects.

To some people the objects may seem crude or even childlike; however this is meant to convey the rudimentary aspects of using the hands to shape an object.  As an art instructor of over 12 years, I can say that I have never seen a child or even other adult be able to pinch and pull a standing giraffe out of an egg shaped ball.  The absurd juxtapositions of certain creatures are solely manufactured out of humor and imagination. We live in absurd times, and I think that since humor is healthy, why not make art as pleasing as possible.

-Aaron Murray