Of Hounds & Hares
“There are probably a hundred things I could try to say about this body of work that I wouldn’t quite feel qualified to say.  I am not a hunter, nor have I worked with hunting dogs or working dogs of any sort.  There is just something there that speaks to me, of an older (and maybe wiser) way of being; where dogs are kept for a working purpose (instead of simple companionship), and out or that human-animal relationship grew a deep, mutual love with trust and respect, forming an interdependence.  Something closer to symbiotic relationships found in nature.  I see something wild and brilliant in the shining moments of a working dog (and even in my own goofy, mixed-breed companion dog, I sometimes sense a yearning to be a part of something wilder and bigger).  And on the other side of things, I am drawn to something almost domestic in the quieter moments of the wild animals hunted and chased.  In their moments in between foraging or hunting or fighting or fleeing….I see similarities between domestic and wild; the same vital spark of heart.  If anything though, these drawings are less of a comparison of hunter and hunted and more an act of meditative reverence for each animal in and of themselves; an effort to try to see and respect the whole animal, even parts we’ve become unfamiliar with.”
April Coppini, March 2016

Sold DotTwo-Form Bumblebee
Charcoal on paper
14" X 11"
April Coppini
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