Growing up by the ocean, one can’t help but be inspired by the water. Whether I was exploring below the surface by swimming with the fish or above by surfing its waves, the ocean constantly called to me...and continues to do so. I still surf, stand-up paddlesurf, swim, and snorkel, but now it's California.

My collection of genuine sea glass began on a surf trip to Baja, Mexico. The tiny “jewel-like” pieces of frosty glass among the rocks at the waterline fascinated me. Little did I know this small handful of sea glass would grow into a large collection that includes sea glass found on beaches from all over the world.

It was this growing collection of sea glass (some call it beach glass omermaid's tears) that fueled my desire to use it creatively. Becoming a metalsmith seemed a natural progression.

In an effort to be globally considerate, I make a concerted effort to minimize my negative impact on the earth.  Fine silver, sterling, high karat gold...all the metals I use in my designs are sourced in the USA and all are 100%  recycled/reclaimed. No new ore is mined. Any diamonds used are recycled as well. From studio practices to packaging, I strive to keep it simple and recyclable.  And of course, the sea glass I use is genuine, handpicked from the shore, and is the epitome of eco-friendly as the glass is recycled into beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry.

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