February 11, 2017

Uganik Bay
Year after year the fishermen who might be poets, or vice versa, convene in Astoria to share their prose, their short stories, their livelihood with those of us who have perhaps never been to sea, let alone experienced first-hand the hard and dangerous work of being a commercial fisherman.  Likewise, with visual artists who make their living from the sea.  George Wilson is one of those unique individuals, who from childhood has enjoyed the beauty, sometimes solitude and unpredictability of the fishing industry while combining that with his other love, that of the visual language which he utilizes to narrate his observations as a fisherman.
George brings a series of small and ethereal watercolor paintings that depict his most recent fishing season in Uganik Bay of Kodiak, Alaska. This was George’s first foray into commercial fishing since leaving his hometown, a small coastal fishing village in North East Scotland. For George, even though he was thousands of miles away from “home”, it was still a bit of a homecoming, echoing the climate, sights and sounds of a place he carries within himself.  He shares with the viewer his love of the landscape, with dreamlike renditions of places that resonate a deep and rooted sense of nostalgia. 

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