For the month of June we are excited to host two solo exhibitions by two highly respected Northwest artists.

In our south gallery we present the second solo exhibition for Portland based artist Michelle Muldrow, bringing her newest series Journey to the Setting Sun.  Her paintings are a conceptual exploration of the American landscape and identity. Muldrow’s work explores the relationships between land, consumerism, historical aesthetic philosophy and personal narrative. Working in casein on kaolin panel, she optimizes gentle layers of translucent color to create fascinating composition. And through composition she considers philosophical ideas of the country through her painting process, utilizing historical precedents and imbuing the contemporary experience to reach a better understanding of America.

In our front gallery we are honored to present a new series of encaustic paintings by Elise Wagner, Wonder Lands. Beginning this series in 2020, it reflects dramatic life changes for her personally, including a move to Astoria. With new beginnings come endings, within this series Wagner utilizes the language of abstraction to consider these periods of change and renewal. Through encaustic, her passion for both science and art has become the perfect vehicle to create dialogue and perhaps a bridge between ancient history and the contemporary issues of today. Within these small yet evocative pieces, she leans more heavily towards geography with hints of landscape and suggestion of horizon, that magical place where sky meets sea. Wagner’s work has evolved over the years, a strong sense of maturity and confidence is ever present but what has held consistent is her fascination in uncovering the unseen and her constant exploration of materials.
Both exhibitions will remain on view through July 8.