Hope in Another

As Rowland began preparing for her third solo exhibition at Imogen she found herself considering the natural world, a place she returns to like a migratory bird returning to its place of origin. Here she seeks refuge and space to heal, offering a sense of renewal and inspiration. Her paintings become metaphorical windows reflecting those moments of peace which in turn bring comfort and guidance. Direct imagery acts as profound offerings of solace and strength. Her goal is to offer through the vehicle of visual art a path to move forward with grace, kindness and compassion from places of grief, despair and uncertainty. Within her own need to make sense out of senseless acts she began to ask herself “Where does hope reside? How do we make the unbearable become bearable? How do proximity and attention help us to care and act? What does it mean to really see another? How do we become the hope for those who cannot survive without our protection?” This series is a glimpse into her own intuitive process of answering those very questions.

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