Sea Stories

Imogen Gallery is pleased to be hosting a two person exhibition by the dynamic duo, Kim Murton and Jill Mayberg. Together they bring Sea Stories, a salty and whimsical collection of sea inspired, two and three dimensional work.

Jill Mayberg goes back to her own childhood where her love of water and all things nourished by it came alive. Reflecting on early memories she references beach walks with her mother, exploring tide pools with her brothers, studying habitat teeming with anemones, starfish, crab, sea grasses and algae. Her imprints of memory went beyond the natural world to include the urban waterways surrounding New Jersey and New York, where visits on the way to grandmother’s house included stops at the iconic Coney Island amusement park. Here she developed her fascination for the more commercial side of sea life through aquatic themed advertising imagery, painted to the sides of buildings that included mermaids and octopus, imagery that is still part of her painting practice.

“When working on my production pieces I work on a dozen at a time, lining the pieces up, adding the features, and painting on the colored slips. I love making a crowd of heads of half figures, their hands up or folded, mouths pouting or grimacing. The last steps before firing is painting the lips and adding the black dot to the eyes – they have no expression until that last tiny gesture. I imagine my background in animation reinforces my love of repetition. I can’t make just one of anything. If I like a piece I need to make it again. The small changes that happen in the repetition inspire me to continue. I am always hoping that humor and wit will show up in my work and I am pleased when my surroundings and inner thoughts are reflected in the pieces. In thinking about a show in Astoria the first thing that comes to mind are boats-fishing boats, row boats, and cats lost at sea. The simple boat form and symbolism give way to lots of possibilities." - Kim Murton

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